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Marsdekor is committed to become a medical building environment for the overall solution of professional firms, after years of steel building materials production precipitation and development, product types have covered the medical steel door ...


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Product types have covered the medical steel doors, medical sliding doors, indoor doors, fire doors, steel wall panels, steel space partition, metal ceiling and so on. From the reception to the ICU, from the laboratory to the operating room, from the ward to the administrative office, we have been d

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Marsdekor is committed to become a medical building environment for the overall solution of professional firms, after years of steel building materials production precipitation and development, product types have covered the medical steel door ...



CHCC2019 straight hit M?rsdekor with new product C exhibition

CHCC 大会简报

"The 20th National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital construction, equipment and Management exhibition", known as the "first meeting of Asian Medical Construction" (CHCC), was opened on April 13, 2019 at the new International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu Century City, Sichuan province. This time, M?rsdekor also comes with a new product, and goes all out to bring you the full experience of the overall solution of M?rsdekor medical space.

Go straight to the scene · Witnessing the forefront of the industry

M?rsdekor  to "Zhizao-innovation unbounded" as the theme of the exhibition and booth design once again stunning appearance, leading the medical space overall solution cutting-edge trend, and the hospital construction industry has a very influential medical building annual event together. That bright orange and white color match with star products to build M?rsdekor medical space overall solution, in the exhibition site has also become the focus, let us visit the scene in person!

Total Solution for Medical space

M?rsdekor as a well-known "medical space overall solution" innovation and technology pioneer in the industry, has always been to create "humanistic care, comfort, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent" Medical building space overall solution as the concept, will be a strong sense of social responsibility to fully apply in the medical construction environment.

M?rsdekor brings a holistic solution for medical space doors. Including barrier-free door system, operating room door, anti-radiation door, airtight clean door, fire door, equipment door, ward door, toilet and other functional areas of the door. With fireproof heat-resistant glass partition system, to bring you a full range of product experience, immersive experience of the ultimate modern medical space art.

(Staff and exhibitors to explain the product in detail, Exchange industry information)

New Highlights

M?rsdekor with the International brand (Stanley) to cooperate with three new products, showing the concept of people-oriented space solutions, respectively: ① emergency evacuation escape door, ②ICU/CCU door, ③ manual translation flat door.

① Emergency evacuation Escape door:The door fan can be opened in any position to the direction of evacuation, and there is a power outage function to ensure the safety of evacuees in emergency situations. At the same time equipped with high security performance machine air lock, can be incorporated into the master Key management system.

Place of applicationGates, main access and all entrances and portals that require both security and evacuation capabilities.

② ICU / CCU door Traffic width in the industry leader, medical staff in the patient's transport process, can open two door fans at the same time, can fully meet the transport of patients and medical equipment. Specially designed function keys, not only can quietly and easily push away the door fan, while avoiding the door fan was accidentally pushed away caused by personal and equipment safety accidents

Place of applicationICU/ CCU、Pressurized isolation room, air chamber, emergency department treatment room, preoperative preparation room, operating room, trauma treatment room, hospital pharmacy, outpatient operating room, corridor.

③ Manually pan flat Door:The feature is that the panel can be opened at any point in the sliding stroke, with professional-grade solutions specifically for smaller entrances that adequately meet patients and access to medical staff in different medical settings.

Place of application:The patient's bathroom, toilet, pressurized isolation room, outpatient operating room, trauma room and so on.

Fireproof and heat-resistant glass partition system

With the improvement of the requirements of intelligent Green building for safety and energy saving, Masdek introduced a fireproof heat-resistant glass partition system, in line with the country's latest fire safety standards, in meeting the fire protection standards at the same time, but also has a transparent and beautiful spatial visual effect.

M?rsdekor won the "Top ten decorative materials supplier of Chinese hospital construction" for the sixth time

In the industry's high concern, after WeChat, infrastructure managers multi-evaluation vote, M?rsdekor was selected as the seventh "National Hospital infrastructure Top Ten suppliers", this time again won this award. With more than 3,000 National hospital builders, 220 experts in the field of medical construction at home and abroad to witness this moment of honor. Masdek has won many achievements in the hospital construction stage, thanks to its excellent level of design innovation and unique brand concept, Masdek will uphold the brand value concept of innovation and design aesthetics, to bring customers more creative and more innovative technological products, so that we look forward to more and more M?rsdekor products into more architectural space, Into your life.

M?rsdekor is committed to creating a warm, green, intelligent medical space, while adhering to the concept of innovation at the same time to continuously enhance the brand connotation and user experience, for your space design to bring more architectural, design, decorative overall solution. Keep an eye on the Fox WeChat public number to bring you more product and case information. More looking forward to your visit to the exhibition site for personal experience!


Marsdekor (Nanjing) Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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